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Midlands Cooling Services Ltd

Specialists in Air Conditioning, Refrigeration & Ventillation Hygiene

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Air conditioning has undoubtedly become an essential component in many of today’s businesses. If looked after correctly it will reward you with years of trouble-free service, but if this upkeep is neglected or not carried out correctly the equipment can quickly depreciate from an asset to a liability.


Preventative maintenance visits will ensure that your equipment remains running efficiently and effectively, greatly reducing electrical consumption and the risk of a major failure that could prove costly to your business. A longer life expectancy of the equipment is assured, as is a fresh and hygienic environment for you and your staff.

We offer competitive maintenance agreements to suit a wide range of clients from small businesses to world-wide corporations. Our friendly service technicians undergo regular training and are equipped with the latest diagnostic tools to ensure that any faults and potential problems are diagnosed reliably and in the shortest possible time.

To arrange a survey visit or for further information, please either contact us via our contact page or call us today on 01530 480181.